kandahar journals

2015 documentary

Directed & Produced by
Louie Palu & Devin Gallagher

Kandahar Journals follows the story of a photojournalist who reflects on the events behind his psychological transformation after covering frontline combat in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006 to 2010.

  • Festival Grand Prize, Arizona International Film Festival, 2016

  • Best Documentary Feature, Blow-up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, 2015

  • Silver Award Winner, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, 2015


2003 documentary

Directed by Jason Young
Produced by Kent Martin

This feature documentary tells the story of a young couple’s year-long experiment in raising their own meat. On the abandoned farm property they just bought, they decide that if they’re going to eat meat, they should raise it themselves. Over 4 seasons, they get to know the animals, discover their personalities, treat them with respect and eventually slaughter them. Animals takes us deep into the heart of the animal-human relationship, with all its contradictions.

  • Best Documentary, Atlantic Film Festival, 2003

  • Gemini Nomination, Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program, 2005

  • Best Canadian Feature, Planet in Focus Film Festival, 2004

in the making

2018/19 documentary series

Produced by Sean O’Neill & Michelle Mama

inside time

2007 documentary

Directed by Jason Young
Produced by Annette Clarke

This short documentary is a portrait of Stephen Reid, a man sentenced for 18 years for bank robbery. A notorious member of the "Stopwatch Gang," Reid who once lived out the crazy, frantic life of the outlaw bandit. Now confined to a prison cell, he has a lot of time to reflect on the journey that brought him to this moment, something that has made him acutely conscious of the here and now

  • Best Social/Political Documentary, Yorkton Short Film Festival, 2008

stand up toronto

2017 documentary

Directed by Geeta Sondhi
Produced by Howard Fraiberg

What does it mean to be an up-and-coming standup comedian who isn't white? Stand Up Toronto explores the experience of three comics from diverse cultural backgrounds as they navigate the city's standup circuit. As they chronicle their attempts to break through in the industry, and break the mould of the comedians who came before them, will they find a place to speak their truth in a complicated world?

  • Best Documentary, Arts & Culture, Yorkton Film Festival 2018

everybody's children

2008 documentary

Directed by Monika Delmos
Produced by Anita Lee

A year in the life of two teenage refugees, Joyce and Sallieu, who have left their own countries to make a new life in Ontario. Joyce, 17, left the Democratic Republic of Congo to avoid being forced into prostitution by her family. Sallieu, 16, had witnessed the murder of his mother as a young boy in wartorn Sierra Leone. Delmos follows them as they bear the normal pressures of being a teenager while simultaneously undergoing the refugee application process. She shows how the guidance and support of a handful of people make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of these children.

  • Marda Loop Justice Film Festival, 2009

  • UNHCR Refugee Film Festival, 2009

  • Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, 2008

  • Salt Spring Film Festival, 2009

let daylight into the swamp

2012 documentary

Directed by Jeffrey St Jules
Produced by Anita Lee

With a mix of animation, re-enactments and archival evidence Jeffrey St. Jules assembles a three part 3-D documentary collage that explores his family history, and the consequences of parents who make the difficult decision to give up their children.

  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2012

  • RIDM, Montreal, 2012

  • Canadian Screen Awards nomination, best short documentary, 2012

in the moment

2001 documentary

Directed by Colin MacKenzie
Produced by Colin MacKenzie
                       & Jan Nathanson

Music and Buddhism. They’re not interested in the answer.
It’s the moment; it’s how you live and how you practice.


Further clips are available on my youtube channel.